Research by Huddersfield students is accessible and citeable

Fields: Journal of Huddersfield Student Research is now in its fourth year and the call for potential authors is out and currently staff are busy identifying excellent academic work. If you are a student and wondering how to submit check out the details on the University Press webpages.

The journal articles in Fields are in the University repository so it is possible to monitor the number of downloads. Looking at the download numbers for the three current volumes it is clear there appears to be ongoing interest the research carried out by the students.

The third volume of Fields was published in February 2017 with 12 papers from across the seven Schools and has had more than 700 downloads since published.

For such a new journal the readership has grown very fast and download statistics continue to increase.

Another way of gauging the impact of the articles published in Fields is to explore how they feature in, for example, Google Scholar Citations. The University Press Manager, Megan Taylor, has looked at this and found that three of the journal article from the first volume of Fields are listed in Google scholar as being cited by other research.

One of these citations is in a dissertation written in the US and another in a dissertation from a Czech University. The third article is cited in the journal Innovative Practice in Higher Education, a journal for higher education practitioners with an interest in the development of the HE student experience. The three cited articles are:

It is really encouraging to see the student research making its way into the wider world and being cited in a variety of scholarly outputs.

And if you want to hear more from the Fields’ authors then take a look at these posts:

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    Fabulous to see the research in Fields being cited, a brilliant way for student researchers to contribute to scholarly communication and the knowledge base.

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