Coffee stimulates student and staff conversation

The Teaching and Learning Institute logoThe Teaching and Learning Institute (TALI) in collaboration with Huddersfield Students’ Union (SU), offered students a voucher to ‘take a lecturer for a coffee’. The aim was to promote student and staff conversations about teaching and learning and is part of developing a partnership approach to the educational experience at Huddersfield. Below is the feedback from a student who made use of the coffee vouchers.

‘I found the coffee voucher incentive whilst browsing through the Course Rep Hub on the Student Union website. I thought it sounded like a great way to engage with my course tutors in a more informal environment – after all who could refuse free coffee?

My main aim for the chat was to find out more about my tutor’s PhD. The research is in the same area in which I wish to concentrate my future studies and so our discussions centered around our shared interest in the field. The discussion was extremely useful as it gave me real insight into PhD research, plus a list of relevant books to add to my already teetering summer reading.

Following the coffee and chat, I have received follow-up emails with suggestions for study and links to useful information, for which I am extremely grateful. It certainly cuts down on the library browsing time, although the reality is probably not so due to my love of library browsing.

I think that the Coffee voucher scheme certainly allowed me a reason to invite the tutor in the first place and has therefore aided my intellectual development. I would absolutely recommend the scheme to other students and I will be considering applying again soon!’

The Teaching and Learning Institute is currently evaluating the scheme to decide whether to continue it for next academic year.

Posted by Kathrine Jensen, Research Assistant, Teaching and Learning Institute. The Teaching and Learning Institute coordinates, evaluates and disseminates inspiring and innovative teaching and learning. Follow TALI on Twitter


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