Summer of learning at University of Huddersfield

The Teaching and Learning Institute logoThe TALI team has put together a selection of staff development for our University of Huddersfield colleagues – please join us for some Summer learning.





Supporting disabled students in a changing funding landscape – implications and opportunities for teaching and learning, Wednesday 29th June, 9.30-11.30

This session led by Jo Mitchell, Senior Disability Officer, Student Services, will address the changes to the disabled students allowance (DSA) and the potential impact this will have on teaching and learning for disabled students. The session will include a presentation on the changes and the opportunity to discuss the impact of the changes on their areas of work, how staff can address the impact to maintain student engagement and achievement and the potential for changing/developing current teaching and learning practice to address the needs of disabled and non-disabled students alike.

 Games for teaching and learning, Thursday 30th June, 9.30-12.00

In this session Cheryl Reynolds and Andrew Walsh will explore the potential benefits, challenges and caveats of gamification. This will include a brief account of the use of gamification to teach Bourdieu’s field theory to trainee teachers and participants will be able to devise a prototype design for a game for use in their own teaching practice.

Using Lego for learning, Tuesday 5th July, 14.00-16.00

Andrew Walsh, Academic Librarian, (CLS) and National Teaching Fellow and University Teaching Fellow will introduce attendees to the idea of using Lego to facilitate learning through the use of metaphor and little plastic bricks.

Teaching ShareMeet, Wednesday 6th July, 12.15-13.30

ShareMeet is an informal session with the opportunity for members of staff to do a 10 minute presentation/talk to share an aspect of their practice. The Teaching and Learning Institute coordinates, evaluates and disseminates inspiring and innovative teaching and learning. Join our Summer session to hear from the following colleagues:

  • Liz Bennett: Benefits of Peer Marking
  • Michael O’Grady: Engaging students
  • Daniel Belton: Developing student competence with specialist software using video-enhanced and discovery/inquiry-based learning
  • Laura Woods: Using online interactive resources and videos to allow self-directed learning and reach students at point of need
  • Alison Sharman and Bryony Ramsden: Mapping how international students study
  • Phil Drake: A pedagogy of student empowerment: creating reflective, autonomous and ethical learners.

Academic Blogging, Thursday 7th July, 9.30-12.00

This hands-on session will cover an introduction to creating an academic blog which includes setting up a blog site and understanding the basics of the WordPress blogging platform. In this session, Kathrine Jensen and Olaojo Aiyegbayo will explore the benefits of academic blogging (individual and group) and there will be a discussion about what makes an engaging blog post and more. Participants will also be shown how to promote their blog posts using social media.

Posted by Kathrine Jensen (@kshjensen), Research Assistant, Teaching and Learning Institute. The Teaching and Learning Institute coordinates, evaluates and disseminates inspiring and innovative teaching and learning. Follow TALI on Twitter


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