National Teaching Fellows’ Interview Series: Christine Jarvis

This short interview was conducted with Professor Christine Jarvis, a National Teaching Fellow, at the University of Huddersfield’s Teaching & Learning Conference 2015.

Christine talks about the transformative impact of teaching mature students in this video. The use of critical dialogue to get students to engage with big questions which results in their intellectual frames of reference being expanded.  She said “that is what I like about adult learning – you might officially be the teacher but you are learning at the same time.”

She also talks about a colleague who she considers an inspirational teaching influence. She said “The students adored her because she was challenging and vibrant. She gave them an enormous amount of support but she never pandered to the students intellectually. She expected people to learn and expected them to rise to challenges and so people did because her expectations were high. The things she did were stimulating. Whether I would be able to do it to that extent, I don’t know but I would always try to set high expectations for students and not to assume that they can’t do things.”

See her 2010 National Teaching profile on the Higher Education Academy website

Her current University of Huddersfield profile and publications 


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