High quality Huddersfield student research in second volume of Fields

The University of Huddersfield has just published the second volume of the newly established journal of Huddersfield student research and at the launch event on 11th February in Heritage Quay student authors and staff gathered together to celebrate.

Featured from left, Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Christine Jarvis, James Fox, Beth O'Donnell, John Aulich and Fields editor Prof Janet Hargreaves.

Featured from left, Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Christine Jarvis, James Fox, Beth O’Donnell, John Aulich and Fields editor Prof Janet Hargreaves.

Fields is quite unique as a journal in that it gives predominantly undergraduate students the opportunity to make their work openly accessible via a rigorous academic peer review process. Not only is Fields a showcase for this excellent research, it also allows the students the chance to engage with the publishing process; an experience they can put to good use in any career they might pursue. The second volume has already had more than 400 downloads in January alone.

“I just want to say that here at the University of Huddersfield, we believe that teaching and research are inseparable and that whilst our students learn about knowledge that has already been created and shared, they also learn how to critique that knowledge and make new knowledge of their own, and that is, of course, research. So the existence of a student research journal is very important for us – it is a symbol of the belief we have that students are partners in a process of intellectual enquiry, part of an academic community committed to the generation of new ideas – not passive consumers in any sense.  I’m very proud that we have this journal to demonstrate that.”

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning Christine Jarvis

The editor, Professor Janet Hargreaves, said how immensely impressed she had been with the diversity of research topics and fascinated by fields of research that she had not previously encountered. Prof Hargreaves also called for more subject areas to be represented in Fields, more students to be aware of the journal and to strive to publish work which was not text based.

‌James Fox, Music BMus (Hons) graduate said: “It was a delight to be present at the launch event for the Fields journal and to be able to show my appreciation to everyone who is committed to publishing student research. I’m very excited about presenting my paper at BCUR16 in March alongside several other Fields journal contributors. I hope we can assist in bringing further positive attention to the journal and encourage more students from wide a range of subjects across the University to consider submitting their work for future volumes”.

For more information about Fields please contact Kathrine Jensen by email at tali@hud.ac.uk


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