A productive and happy collaboration: why working together works

janet_hargreavesAs part of a seminar series here at the University of Huddersfield, Professor Janet Hargreaves, who was awarded National Teaching Fellow in 2012, gave a talk about collaboration.

Throughout Janet’s career she has aimed to work in a collegiate way; a situation which though often messy and difficult can also be ultimately rewarding. In the session Janet explored a range of projects that had positive outcomes as well as pitfalls – many of which were unpredicted – as a starting point for discussion around the highs and lows of attempting to meet project outcomes though collaboration.

Janet looked back at her experience of working collaboratively on a project that developed the Preparation for placement assessment tool

Below are some of the points made by Prof Hargreaves, in relation to what were considered to be success factors:

  • The project drew on a wealth of experiences and skills from across Schools, Services and the student body.
  • The students involved in the project were paid for their time and all team members treated equally.
  • A culture of mutual respect for skills and contributions was nurtured – Janet stressed the importance of building a really strong team in order for collaboration to be successful.
  • An incremental series of workshops were used to develop the PPAT – there were no constraints, all ideas generated were considered for development.

Finally, Janet underlined that you have to be prepared to take a risk and to accept ideas that you might not have started with.

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