Educating Huddersfield: teaching worth sharing

On 3rd December 2014, the Huddersfield Students’ Union (SU) organised an event to develop new ways of enhancing dialogue between students and staff and to promote a partnership approach to improve the educational experience. The event was opened by Michael McGougan (SU Vice President Education) and Professor Tim Thornton (Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning). There was a great line up of speakers and this post represents just a few of the highlights.

Student and staff working together

Ellie Russell, projects officer at The Student Engagement Partnership, spoke eloquently on the importance of students being part of creating excellent teaching and learning and institutions developing student engagement processes where the student voice is embedded and where students take an active part in their own learning.

Engaging large groups of students

Mark Mynett, a lecturer in music technology and winner of a Thank You Award for Inspirational Teaching, spoke about getting learners’ attention and keeping it. Mark outlined a number of approaches to achieving this:

  • Speak enthusiastically about your subject
  • Use stories (and real world examples) in order to engage students
  • Encourage questions and discussion throughout the lecture
  • Place listening at the foundation of your practice
  • Ask students to problem solve
  • Ask questions rather than provide answers/information
  • Be open to constructive criticism.

There was also a very moving speech from Musharaf Asghar who took part in Educating Yorkshire.

“Poetry is the voice at the back of the head”

The poet Lemn Sissay (MBE) closed the event with an engaging talk on the primacy of imagination arguing that something has to be imagined before it can happen thus making the act of imagination as real as the physical thing.

He reminded us all how important it is to be wrong, to keep learning, keep developing and move beyond the binary of right/wrong.

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