Researching, Advancing and inspiring Student Engagement (RAISE) Conference 2014

I went to the Researching, Advancing and inspiring Student Engagement (RAISE) Conference in Manchester on 11-12 September. The theme was Student Engagement: Opportunities for all. The hashtag for the conference was #raise14  and I have used Storify to collate some of the tweets in my story of RAISE conference 2014

The organisers used the online tool padlet for delegates to share ideas and thoughts whilst they mingled, a very effective tool for this kind of collaboration. You can see the raise padlets with all the ideas/comments on:

Jean Mutton from the University of Derby made a really great point about the problems of jargon and all of us need to be aware that most students will not know what terms like ‘student engagement’ mean. This issue becomes even more important when thinking about how we evaluate student engagement schemes and activities.

Students mapping their HE experiences

I found the session by Dr Camille Kandiko Howson (King’s College London) very useful in terms of keeping a focus on the student perspective. Dr Kandiko Howson talked about ‘Students as stakeholders? Community, engagement and belonging’ and shared findings from the research commissioned by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) into student expectations and perceptions of higher education. When students were asked to draw maps of their student experience, the complexity of students’ lives really stood out.


Using Lego for reflection and sharing of experiences

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to get my hands on some Lego and learned about how it can be used for ‘playful’ evaluation. It was great that the presentation gave us the perspectives of a student, a member of staff (Haleh Moravej) and an academic developer (Chrissi Nerantzi). It is a powerful and fun tool.

The resilient learner Photo by @kshjensen CC BY

The resilient learner
Photo by @kshjensen

Students and staff as social media collaborators

It was great to learn about the student and staff at Salford University who are running a twitter account and hearing about how this experience had given both confidence in engaging with digital tools, being professional online and had contributed to breaking down hierarchies between staff and students. The twitter account is @nursingSUni and they also run a Salford University Nursing blog.

More about RAISE:

RAISE is a network of academics, practitioners, advisors and student representatives drawn from the Higher Education Sector who are working and/or interested in researching and promoting student engagement. The network creates opportunities to come together for beneficial scholarly discussion and creating collaborative projects, sharing good practice and lobbying for investment and better policies locally, sectorally and across our international community. Join the RAISE network

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