Call for Papers: Exploring staff and student partnerships

The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change is a peer-reviewed cross-disciplinary research journal that welcomes contributions relating to staff and students as change agents. The journal is part of the UK Change Agents Network and aims to support research into partnerships between staff and students that identify, lead and deliver change in education across all disciplines. Follow them on twitter @CANagogy

Deadline 20th October 2014

Contributions from all members of UK Higher and Further Education institutions are welcome, including: (1) academic staff, (2) students, (3) professional and support staff (4) NUS Sabbatical Officers and members (5) professional bodies/employers and (6) recent alumni. We accept a range of submissions from traditional research articles, case studies and project reports to shorter opinion pieces, book reviews and technology reviews.

Co-authored submissions from staff and students are especially welcomes. All published student authored submissions will be entered into a competition whereby one will be awarded a prize for excellence of up to £500.

  • Opinion Pieces – short and thought provoking, stating an opinion and drawing on evidence to support it (a maximum of 750 words with around 3 references).
  • Case Studies / Project reports- based on staff and students working in partnership to identify and deliver change, typically describing: the organisational and historical context, specifications of the project, discussion of pedagogy/practice, implementation, evaluation and lessons learnt (a maximum of 3000 words with around 6 references).
  • Research Articles – longer papers, providing a clear rationale for the study within the body of published research, an overview of the research methodology adopted, a presentation of findings, and a discussion of those findings in relation to existing knowledge (a maximum of 6000 words with around 10 references).
  • Book Reviews – a critical overview of a book related to educational innovation and change involving staff and students (a maximum of 750 words).
  • Technology Reviews – a critique or review of a technology, outlining its application for learning and teaching and its strengths and weaknesses (a maximum of 1000 words, with around 3 references).

(Text copied from the journal homepage)

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