Developing the Culture of Publication

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This is a guest post by Moira Tyas, who is the project team member for the Developing the Culture of Publication’. This is one of the 2013  Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects funded by TALI. It is the sixth of 11 guest posts by TALI funded project leaders.

Many, undergraduate, MSc and PhD students produce excellent work which given the necessary support and opportunity would clearly be of a publishable standard.  The students’ main reasoning for not submitting their work for publication is the lack of time away from everyday pressures to allow them to concentrate on outputs.

The focus of this project is to organise a writing retreat which would set aside other commitments and concentrate on producing an article for publication. It aims to fully explore the students’ potential and will support the novice author through the publication process. This is hoped to contribute to their employability, research internships and ultimately successful post graduate awards.

The “writing retreat” workshop model will enable the student to convert high quality projects into co-produced publications, establish a community of scholarly practice and will provide the student with structured, expert support, constructive criticism and guidance on writing for targeted publications in a collaborative and peer supported environment. They will develop understanding of different ways of publishing, disseminating for different target audiences and impacts. One to one supervision will be available to complete the publication over the two day retreat in conjunction with a supervisor with additional support from experienced members of academic staff familiar with publishing papers.

Information and flyers have been circulated to targeted groups of students and members of academic staff in order to identify potential interest in this project and drop in sessions have been held on the 12th and 13th December 2012 to provide more detail and a chance for the students to speak to a member of the project team about the initiative. Applications are invited from interested parties and should be submitted by the 31st January. The application forms must indicate the contribution their proposed publication would make and why it might be of interest to a publisher. They must also have full support of their supervisor who will attend the event with them.

The selection criteria to be applied will include quality of the original project, articulation of contribution and will be judged by the project team. A maximum of twelve pairs will be selected to attend the event and shortlisting is planned for the 8th February.

A pre writing workshop is planned for the 14th March 13 to negotiating ways of publishing and disseminating work to different target audiences and the actual event is to be held on the 26th and 27th June  over two full days at Pennine Manor  and will include dinner and a motivational guest speaker experienced in publication.

Dissemination of information regarding the event is scheduled for the 12th December 2013.


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  1. Good luck with your retreat, we ran a similar event at Edinburgh Napier last year and it was very successful. You may also be interested to hear of a new journal in applied academic practice we have just launched which provides a supportive publishing experience for new and established authors. The journal site is or you can follow on twitter @JofPAAP

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