Students engaging in improving teaching and learning


Image source: Mark Curry, University of Huddersfield

This is the third blog post about the ‘Students as Teaching and Learning Consultants’ project. The other posts are tagged with #HEASTLC so you can find the relevant ones by clicking on the tag link at end of this post.

All eleven students who are working as teaching and learning consultants have shown themselves to be keen to be involved in enhancing teaching and learning. They are motivated to improve the experience for their fellow students and work with lecturers to discuss and improve teaching.

I thought I would just share a few quotes from the students where they talk about why they wanted to be part of the project:

“A great way to improve the communication between lecturers and students. The academic staff will get an honest opinion from a student’s point of view regarding their lectures/lessons”

“I have always wanted to keep on improving the student experience and wanting to make sure that students or even members of staff do have the voices heard. I have been interested in this concept since it was a suggestion at one of the meetings last year, I think a lot of students and lecturers would benefit from this as it can give better understanding to problems or opinions in lectures or workshops that may need help improving or if there is any good points about the lecture to point them out so they can be continued”

“I strongly believe the scheme is a good and intuitive way to give teachers realistic and constructive feedback. I feel the style and manner of a lecture is the most major part of the student learning experience. I would love the chance to be part of a process that helps improve lectures to make sure they are both engaging and informative”

“I always like to get involved with the SU where I possibly can but this project really spoke to me as a student.  From my own experience I know that when a lecture is not engaging I don’t do as well as i might have done and reversed when I have an engaging lecture I feel my work improves.  How can that not be beneficial for the students, the lecturers and the university as a whole. Hopefully I can bring my experience and skills to this project and that any small change can have a massive impact on all those affected”

Although the project does not specifically encourage the students working with staff to focus on lectures, it is clear that this is the main concept that has sprung to mind for these four students. It is possible that this simply reflects how a particular type of face to face engagement is still for most students (and staff) what teaching and learning activity is about but it will be interesting to see if this understanding is developed and/or challenged through the project activities.

Posted by the project lead and coordinator Kathrine S.H. Jensen (@kshjensen)


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