Practice & Pedagogy: A New Undergraduate Framework for Information Literacy


This is a guest post by Anthony Osborne, who is the project lead for the ‘Practice and Pedagogy project’ This is one of the 2013  Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects funded by TALI. It is the fourth of 11 guest posts by TALI funded project leaders. 

During the past 20 years the notion of “information literacy” has become one that is widely accepted in the HE sector. It is now regarded as a key aspect that is linked to lifelong learning, independent learning and in its broadest sense to global citizenship and human rights. The aim of this project is to use strands of the ANCIL framework (2011) as a basis for development and aspires to see information literacy become deeper and more seamlessly embedded into the teaching across the University. There is evidence to show that a “scaffolded” approach leads to more effective learning than simply to have front-loaded information skills sessions at the start of the first and the third years. The principal outcome will be a range of online materials for undergraduate students dealing with the more generic aspects of information literacy. These will be deliverable both inside or outside lectures and may be facilitated by Library or Academic staff.


To collaborate with academic staff in developing a resource that is tailored to the needs of particular student groups.

  1. To ensure that they maximise the use of good quality resources
  2. To use technology in delivering innovative new materials online.
  3. To incorporate elements of the “New Curriculum for Information literacy” (ANCIL) as the basis for the work.

What have we done so far?

  • Set up a small steering group
  • Conducted baseline surveys on information literacy with two groups of first year health students
  • Mapped the strands of the ANCIL framework onto the areas we wish to use
  • Searched and evaluated re-usable learning objects that we can re-purpose
  • Started the process of speaking about the project at School Teaching and Learning Committees
  • Started the process of identifying students groups that we can use in trying out the resources.
  • Tried and purchased “Articulate Storyline”, a piece of e-learning software that forms the platform for the resources.

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