Personal Thoughts on the iPad 2

Image Credit: Juhalhalainen 

I got an iPad 2 a couple of weeks ago courtesy of work. These are my personal thoughts about the device after two weeks of playing with it.

I have had an iPhone for over a year and it is a great device but it is wonderful to be able to view and use apps on a bigger screen. I also realise that I now spend less time using apps on my iPhone since I got the iPad 2. The strength of the iPad device is the access you have to a lot of high quality apps (both free and paid). This is a major reason why the Android tablets have struggled to compete effectively with the iPad devices.

The iPad 2 has changed the way I consume and share information. I have used twitter a lot more in the last 2 weeks than I did in the last 2 months. I share more content with contacts in my social networks because of such apps like Flipboard, Readability, Read it later and Zite. These apps allow me to aggregate interesting content and also make it very easy to share such content with others.

I found reading on the iPad 2 to be a great experience. I had planned to get a Kindle but getting an iPad 2 has eliminated such desire. There is a free Kindle app on the iPad 2 which means I can access the Kindle book store without the need to buy a Kindle.

I got a stylus for note taking but must admit that I have not been impressed with the quality of writing apps that work with a stylus. I expect that the technology will improve in time. I do find that I use the stylus more for app navigation purposes and text typing than my fingers. This is my current alternative use for the stylus other than its designed purpose.

The iPad 2 is a great device and I can’t rave enough about it. If you are thinking of getting one then I will recommend you get it.

(Blog Post by Ola)


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