Top tips for writing research funding bids

Just read a great tongue-in-cheek blog post listing 14 ways to ensure that your research funding bid is rejected. The post has some excellent advice to research bid writers about the most common traps to avoid, such as using technical jargon and not developing a timetable for the project. Anyone writing a bid would do well to heed the excellent advice available. How to make sure your research funding bid is rejected from the blog by Pat Thomson,  Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham

The JISC news release from yesterday also had some great advice for successful bidding:

  • Describe how your proposed project meets the criteria set out in the call
  • Describe how your proposed project meets the criteria set out in the call
  • Demonstrate how your idea  is aligned with the objectives of your college or institution, including what buy-in you have from senior management
  • Carry out an initial assessment of the risks of undertaking the project – and then mention this in your bid
  • Include an initial project plan and show how the project will be managed
  • Think ahead – include information about dissemination, embedding and evaluation mechanisms
  • Show that your project is sustainable once the funding has ceased – not just financially but also in terms of the skills sets of the people involved, and any data/software preservation
  • Go green – show that you have considered the environmental impact of your project, eg. server power and data storage space you need
  • Consider the wider benefits of the project  for UK education and research to show that your project is good value for money.  You might think about generating workshops, briefing papers or web pages to help disseminate the findings of your project more widely
  • Check you understand JISC’S position on IPR and that your bid is in line with this
  • Don’t let your bid fail on the easy stuff: make sure you stick to the page limit and get your bid in on time

How to make your JISC funding bid stand out from the crowd (30/01/12)

In the news item, Dominic Tate, repository development officer at the University of Nottingham who has compiled advice on successful JISC funding bids, said: “I would recommend an email or telephone call to the contact at JISC to sound them out about whether your idea for a bid is in scope for the call for funding. I would also recommend that you ask someone else outside your immediate team/colleagues to review a draft of your bid and give you feedback on the clarity of what you are proposing to do and deliver.”

Useful resources: Find out what you can bid for now and sign up for funding updates

See also Ola Aiyegbayo’s previous post Tips on How to Secure Research Grants

For University of Huddersfield colleagues, there is of course the excellent support available from the Research and Enterprise team to support bid writing (intranet link)

And for research focused on Teaching and Learning, there is the support offered by the Teaching and Learning Institute

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