Gamification of learning

Gamification of learning has become a trendy buzzword in the Educational sector. Educause defined Gamification as the “application of game elements in non-gaming situations, often to motivate or influence behaviour”. Read their 7 things you should know about Gamification.

Andrew Walsh, University of Huddersfield’s academic librarian and National Teaching Fellow, launches his Lemon Tree project this academic year. Lemon Tree seeks to increase the use of library resources through a social, game based e-learning platform. Students and staff will register with the system and be able to earn points and rewards for interacting with library resources, such as leaving comments and reviews of library books. Integration with other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will be built into the system.

There are several motion range sensing devices and game consoles available and Microsoft’s Kinect is quite popular with educators. Duke Gledhill, a lecturer in the School of Computing and Engineering, is using the Kinect hardware in creative ways with research students and in his research project:
(a) Using it to affect virtual camera position. This has been done using the Wiimote but development of a non-intrusive method is under way.
(b) Using the depth data from the Kinect sensor mixed with data from the cameras to investigate computer understanding of sign language.

Watch this short video by KinectEDucation on various ways in which Kinect is being used for educational purposes.

Andrew Walsh and Duke Gledhill’s projects were both funded by the Teaching and Learning Institute.

Q: What games are you using in your teaching or research?


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