A quick look at mobile learning resources

…mobile learning is more than the sum of its parts. It is, to a great extent, a ‘trojan horse’ and a vehicle for exploring the changing nature of learning in a connected age.” (from What is Mobile Learning in the Mobile learning infokit from JISC infonet)

I really like this idea that mobile learning is about more than the mobile tools (or devices if you like) and more than the mobility of the learner; that it is the complex interplay of possibilities and contexts for learning that is at the heart of the matter.

JISC has recently made available the Mobile Learning info kit which is a great introduction to what mobile learning is and covers both the pedagogy of mobile learning as well as implementation and case studies.

For some useful ideas, take a look at this presentation by Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw. Researcher/Analyst, JISC infoNet) and Steve Boneham (@sboneham. Consultant Trainer, JISC Netskills) for Mobile Learning: Now and the Future on 28th September

Implementing Mobile Learning in Your Institution

Here at University of Huddersfield, the School of Human and Health Sciences are piloting the use of iPad2 with students. It is envisaged that the portability of the iPad gives the students the flexibility to transfer resources to any learning location and environment but also that it increases their digital awareness.

For more mobile learning resources:

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