Creating Connections: more on networking

For those of us who are not natural extroverts, this slideshare presentation from Sacha Chua has some useful tips on how to approach networking. I think Sacha has hit the nail on the head in identifying that many people shy away form networking because it is perceived as a “selling yourself” activity and instead she offers an alternative way of seeing networking as about helping, sharing and learning from others.

I also really like the simple stick men presentation look which makes you realise that making your presentation visually appealing doesn’t have to be about including colourful diagrams and professional videos.

The Shy Connector

For the text and more information go to Sacha Chua’s blog



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One Response to Creating Connections: more on networking

  1. Sacha Chua says:

    I’m glad you like that presentation. Thank you for sharing it with your network! It can be difficult to find advice that doesn’t assume you’re an extrovert who enjoys going to networking events. I’m happy to share some of the things that have been working well for me, and I look forward to learning more from others.

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