The challenges of writing

Photo of pencils in a cupI like this video, The emotional challenges of writing, from Realities, part of the National Centre for Research Methods which talks about the frustrations of academic writing.

In this clip, Carol Smart discusses why writing with data is not just technically, but also emotionally, difficult. I think that Carol’s view on writing as a process of developing ideas etc and not simply a matter of putting ready made ideas down on paper, is useful in getting started and keeping going:

Carol writes: “...very often when I’m writing with ideas that derive from data, where there isn’t necessarily a clear end point, I start in the middle, I start with a key idea, key sets of data, something that’s come out of interviews that I might have done and I build outwards from it…

There is also a useful list of research toolkits available, see below for some of the ones available:


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