About us

The Teaching and Learning Institute was formed on 1st May 2010 on the initiative of Professor Tim Thornton, who was appointed Pro Vice-chancellor for Teaching and Learning in October 2008.


The aims of the Teaching and Learning Institute are to further the development of inspiring and innovative teaching and learning. We aim to do this by ensuring the coordination, evaluation and dissemination of best practice in teaching and learning across disciplinary and School boundaries, and by raising the profile of the university externally.

What we do

In order to share and embed best teaching and learning practice we:

  • Organise the university’s annual Teaching and Learning Conference in collaboration with the staff development group
  • Support and encourage staff to publish and disseminate research in teaching and learning journals
  • Facilitate greater involvement in innovative projects and bidding for teaching and learning grants projects.
  • Coordinate and publicise the Extra Mile awards or other equivalent excellence award.
  • Monitor and promote submissions to National Teaching Fellowship and QAA auditor development.
  • Identify in collaboration with Staff development priorities for teaching and learning staff development.
  • Coordinate and promote the participation of all academic staff in fellowship/associateship of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Support the annual review of School and university teaching and learning strategies and alignment of School teaching and learning development activities.

Contact us

Email: tali@hud.ac.uk

Phone: ext. 1576, 1577 and 1578

Location: Central Services Building 9/1A

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